Does Your Pharmacy Measure Up?

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Sept. 12, 2003 — Greater isn’t always way better. A new Consumer Reports survey appears that once-struggling “mom and pop” drugstores are now making a comeback against enormous chains as customers gravitate toward service with a more individual touch.

Free drug stores won best respects in the survey of more than 32,000 Shopper Reports perusers who rated their experiences when shopping for medicine pharmaceutical at 31 chain, grocery store, and free drug stores and mass-merchant drug stores (such as Target and Wal-Mart) nationwide.

Consumers rated pharmacies on three criteria:

Service: How courteous and accommodating were the pharmacists? Speed: Were medications ready for pickup when promised? How long did you have to wait for benefit at the counter, and was the drug store ever out of the medicine drugs during the preceding year? Information: How was the information pharmacists given around prescription medications?

Independent pharmacies had the best showings for service, speed, additionally got high marks for giving great sedate data to customers. Since medicine medication accounts for the majority of their sales, a center on prescription medication implies more personal consideration. The free pharmacies advertised other benefits as well such as disease-management instruction, in-store health screening, domestic conveyance of prescription drugs, and compounding (customizing medicines for patients with uncommon needs). Generally, free drug stores secured a score of 88% customer fulfillment.

Grocery store chains and mass-market drug stores moreover did well against drugstore monsters. The beat contenders for in general fulfillment among general store chains were:

Publix (85%) Wegmans and Winn-Dixie (82%) Vons and Kroger (80%)

For mass shippers:

ShopKo and Target (83%) Kmart, Costco, and Meijer (81%) Fred Meyer (77%)

The best three for drugstore chains were:

Pharmaceutical Shoppe (87%) Snyder’s Drug (79%) Osco Drug (77%)

Overall, Rite Aid had the lowest showing at 69%. Wal-Mart finished final in the mass dealers category, coming in at 75%.

Some general patterns that appeared up within the overview: For free stores, the foot line is service, service, and service. The report shows that since the center of these stores is on prescriptions, people get more individual attention.

The by and large supposition approximately chain pharmacies: Convenient but crowded. These stores have 24-hour get to, web destinations, drive-through windows, and acknowledge an array of protections plans. But since there are so many bells and whistles, they draw in numerous clients — which translates to wait time.

Grocery store pharmacies were prevalent because of their one-stop-shop involvement. The downside: More prescriptions to fill, and with so numerous people within the store, private discussions with your pharmacist come at a premium.

You can find all of the comes about in the October issue of Customer Reports.

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