Sax Tip: Practice Makes Perfect

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Feb. 7, 2008 — Adore the saxophone? Hitting those tall notes could be a aptitude that vocalists may well be able to relate to, an Australian consider appears.

Physicists at the College of Unused South Grains in Sydney fixed a little mouthpiece that fit over saxophone reeds and was snared up to a computer.

Five proficient saxophonists and three beginner saxophonists played tall and moo notes whereas the receiver measured the acoustics interior the players’ vocal tract.

None of the players balanced their vocal tracts to nail the lower notes. But the tall notes were a diverse story.

The master saxophonists tuned their vocal tracts to coordinate close to the tall note they’re playing. The beginner players hadn’t aced that strategy.

Graduate understudy Jer Ming Chen and colleagues report their discoveries in today’s version of Science.

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